We create fashion and lifestyle products that reflect culture, art, and the global zeitgeist blended with Tokyo elements. Designed by the ESC team, some used to work for the leading Japanese/International brands for a decade.

Our priority is to use the finest materials and exceptional Japanese craftsmanship to achieve an ethical quality that will stand the test of time. Out of consideration for the biological environment we live in, we employ natural materials wherever possible, also to enjoy their inherent superiority and comfortless.

Every ESC product is meticulously made in excellent sewing workshops in Japan of high ethical standards.

MONOCLE Magazine
ESC was featured on April 2024 / Issue 172, and has been selected in ‘MONOCLE’s top 25 looks for stepping into the new season’.

ESC Debuted

ESC Debuted.


The launch collection reinterprets basic workwear with high-quality materials, sophisticated silhouettes, and intricate details. Original, 100% organic cotton fabrics are meticulously crafted in collaboration with long-established textile makers from across Japan. Our use of natural herbal and mineral dyestuffs, handcrafted by skilled artisans, results in a thoughtful and gentle colour palette that embodies ESC’s aesthetic. This collection not only focuses on our commitment to quality but also carries a message of hope in a world marked by ongoing conflicts.



Our focus was on harnessing the rich colours of traditional Japanese mineral dyeing which evokes the authentic colour and texture of iron itself. The unique iron powder dyeing procedure was meticulously carried out by skilled dyeing artisans at a renowned studio in Tokyo, using upcycled iron powder sourced from shipbuilders in the Hiroshima prefecture.



The custom-order nylon fabric, comprised of 53% recycled nylon as well as 40% plant-derived material in the interior coating, enables the reduction of approximately 30-50% in CO2 emissions while excelling in breathability and water resistance. The Anthracite (charcoal) colour captures the beautiful hues and textures of natural minerals, echoing ESC's brand philosophy. All clothing items have a liner made of the finest 100% organic cotton fabric.



The design of the classic 5-panel cap is elevated with the use of premium materials such as 100% cotton or pure silk fabric. These materials are dyed using advanced craftsmanship with natural herb and mineral dyestuffs. The bags draw inspiration from the warmth of vinyl records, blending elements of the record bag design with Japanese Origami (the art of paper folding) and Yose-zaiku (traditional marquetry) techniques. Through the art of folding and layering only cotton canvas, the bag provides both a soft texture and carries ethical significance, devoid of petroleum and animal-derived materials. The belt features top-quality aluminium buckles sourced from a renowned Austrian manufacturer.



The collar, harness, and cross-body lead are made from the finest 100% organic cotton sailcloth and coloured using mineral (iron-powder) pigment, brought to life through ingenious Japanese craftsmanship. By incorporating top-quality aluminium hardware components from AUTRIALPIN, a renowned manufacturer of mountaineering equipment, we ensure not only stylish design but substantial security and durability. The rain cape boasts a highly waterproof and breathable ethically sourced nylon fabric. The comfortable and anatomically designed structure of the lead, harness, and rain cape is engineered through extensive field trials and prototyping, led by dog lovers and a medical doctor.

Top 25 looks for stepping into the new season

ESC was featured on April 2024 / Issue 172, and has been selected in ‘MONOCLE’s top 25 looks for stepping into the new season’.