BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves
BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves
BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves
BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves
BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves
BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves

BAG - 7INCH Oshima Waves

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  • Product with ethical values.
Inspired by the revival of vinyl records in this digital age and the music we love, 80's record bags were taken as the design motif. The unique square shape is based on traditional Japanese Origami (the art of paper folding) and Yose-zaiku (marquetry) techniques. Our design includes practical daily-use features that make it easy to store items such as smartphones, tablets and drink bottles. Entirely constructed from folded layers of 100% organic cotton sailcloth, this bag boasts a soft silhouette and deep texture, qualities that petroleum-derived synthetic fibres and leather products lack. Representing ethical luxury, it exclusively utilises the finest cotton textile, advanced natural dyes, and high-quality metal components. The bag, including the metal components are meticulously made in Japan by skilled craftsmanship.
Holds up to approximately 20 vinyl records.

Available to two sizes: 7 inches and 12 inches, and offered in 3 materials / 3 colours.


The shell is made from the high-quality Oshima silk fabric, a traditional craft originating from the Japanese island of Amami Oshima, with a rich history spanning over 1,000 years. Hand-spun silk yarns are dyed in mud before being hand-woven into this plain-weave silk fabric, a process that involves nearly 50 separate stages. The fabric has a soft sheen and is smooth, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant. In addition, the iron absorbed during the mud-dyeing process not only gives it a rich colour, but also enhances the yarn’s suppleness. Additionally, it possesses insect-repelling and deodorant properties. This traditional ocean waves pattern, which accidentally bears a resemblance to modern camouflage design, was discovered at a kimono shop in downtown Tokyo and is an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind antique fabric.


Sliders, hooks, rings, and magnetic buttons are made from brass or aluminum for longevity and recyclability purposes, through meticulous craftsmanships in Japan.

【Metal emblem】

The ESC logo features the brand's iconic elephant by fusing the design elements of a traditional Japanese family crest with contemporary graphic features. The brass badges are forged with expert craftsmanship in a workshop located in downtown Tokyo, a historic production area renowned for creating the finest insignia emblems.


This garment was meticulpusly fabricated in Akita or Gifu, Japan
No raw materials of animal or petroleum origin are used in the main materials of this product.


Body: H22 x W22 x D8.5cm
Strap: 85 – 150cm (adjustable)

【ATTENTION [ Oshima silk fabric ]】

Portions of this garment are made from rare pure Oshima silk, a traditional product of the Japanese island of Amami Oshima.
Colour fading may occur due to the nature of the dyeing process. Please be careful of colour migration, especially when wet. If water-soluble stains adhere to the fabric, remove them by dabbing gently with a steamed towel and do not use detergent. If acidic stains (fruit juice, vinegar, etc.) adhere, wash immediately with lukewarm water and then consult a specialist. Due to the characteristics of pure silk, wet or damp conditions can cause colour fading, colour migration, mould and odours, so always use and store in dry conditions.

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