DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog
DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog

DOG RAIN CAPE for Middle-sized Dog

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  • Product with ethical values.
Introducing a smart, highly ethical rain cape tailored for your dog. The design incorporates the silhouette of a classic French cape with the engineering principles drawn from sports jackets and canine anatomy, ensuring optimal performance and comfort as rainwear.

Under the supervisions of medical doctor and experienced, devoted dog lovers, the cape has endured rigorous field testing and multiple prototyping phases. The use of waterproof and breathable ethical nylon fabrics, synonymous with authentic outdoor wear, provides excellent protection against rain and snow. Notably, these fabrics contribute to a 30-50% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional nylon fabrics.

Tailored with snug-fitting shoulder and abdominal bands, our design ensures your dog’s comfort during various activities. The high-luminance reflective fabric piping on the trims enhances visibility, making night-time walks safer for you and your pet. The production is meticulously carried out in an exceptional sewing workshop based in Japan renowned for crafting high-quality apparel garments.

Available in two sizes: medium and large dogs. (Design registration application in preparation).


The two-part construction consists of a back yoke that protects your dog from rain and snow while facilitating neck mobility, and the main body of the cape, which has vent openings for hot air and lead hooks. Anatomically shaped fixing belts (hook and loop fasteners) on the shoulders and abdomen provide a stable fit in active situations.


The custom-order waterproof BARREL® GREEN fabric, comprised of 53% recycled nylon as well as 40% plant-derived material in the interior coating, is used extensively in outdoor sports jackets and boasts excellent breathability and water resistance. Developed and manufactured in Japan by Seiren Inc., a renowned fabric manufacturer established in 1889, it uses a polyol resin material derived from castor beans as part of its main raw material, enabling a reduction of approximately 30-50% in CO2 emissions compared to conventional nylon fabrics made from petroleum-based materials. The Anthracite (charcoal) colour evokes the beautiful colours and textures of natural minerals, echoing ESC's brand ethos. High-performance, lightweight textiles are used on both sides to increase waterproofing and temperature retention and to facilitate cleaning.


Made from highly luminous retroreflective fabric by a specialty manufacturer based in Fukui Prefecture. Manufactured in a Japanese factory that incorporates proactive CO2 reduction initiatives.


The ESC logo features the brand's iconic elephant by fusing the design elements of a traditional Japanese family crest with contemporary graphic elements. The brass badges are forged with expert craftsmanship in a workshop in downtown Tokyo, a historic production area for the finest insignia emblems.


This garment was meticulously manufactured in Akita, Japan.
No animal origin-materials are used in the main components of this product.

※ Always refer to the illustrations in the size guide.

Size 2/For middle-sized dog

  • A: Neck 33cm ~ 45cm
  • D: Nape ~ Tail set 50cm ~ 60cm

Breed reference: medium-sized dogs (E.g., Beagle, Shiba Inu, Welsh Terrier, Minature Schnauzer, Basenji, French Bulldog)


Retroreflective fabric: Strong friction against the surface may cause the reflective material to peel off. Acidic and alkali chemicals, oil, grease, sweat and other contaminants may discolour the fabric or reduce the reflective performance due to chemical reactions. If water-soluble dirt adheres, wipe it off with a wet cloth and dry it before use.

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