CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey
CAP -  Iron Grey

CAP - Iron Grey

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  • Product with ethical values.
The 5-panel cap, which originated among delivery personnel in the USA in the early 20th century, became an iconic fashion accessory during the 80-90’s club scenes and skater culture in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Today, it remains a classic item intertwined with various subcultures. ESC has reimagined and blended the 80’s classic 5-panel cap design with contemporary sports aesthetics, adding ethical and refined elements using high-quality materials and naturally sourced colours.

This includes 100% organic cotton textiles and traditional, top-quality silk fabric. The material of the invisible brim core is constructed from a blend of plant-derived and recycled resins, primarily sourced from sugar cane.

The liner’s tape component is crafted from Enshu Cotton Fabric's high-density and smooth typewriter fabric, made from 100% organic cotton.

Every cap is meticulously crafted in Japan's renowned sewing workshops.

Available in 3 materials / 4 colours.


The outer textile is an ESC-original traditional Takashima cotton canvas sourced from an artisanal textile maker located in Shiga Prefecture. This robust, high-quality fabric has excellent moisture absorption and temperature retention properties and boasts a comfortable texture unique to natural cotton. The tape section of the liner is constructed from the renowned Enshu Cotton Fabric's high-density and smooth plain wave fabric. Each fabric is made from 100% organic, unbleached cotton yarn.


Our focus was on harnessing the rich colours of traditional Japanese mineral dyeing, an ancient technique believed to enhance the suppleness of the thread, as well as offering insect-repellent and deodorising properties. The unique iron powder dyeing procedure was meticulously carried out by skilled dyeing artisans at a renowned studio in Tokyo, using upcycled iron powder sourced from shipbuilders in the Hiroshima prefecture. This mineral dye evokes the authentic colour and texture of iron itself. The natural changes in both the colour and texture are to be enjoyed, much like with indigo-dyed denim garments.

[ Due to the nature of the dye, changes in texture and gradual colour fading are to be expected as a result of friction over time.]


The ESC logo features the brand's iconic elephant by fusing the design elements of a traditional Japanese family crest with contemporary graphic features. The brass badges are forged with expert craftsmanship in a workshop located in downtown Tokyo, a historic production area renowned for creating the finest insignia emblems.


The core of the brim is developed and produced by an innovative Osaka-based hat material manufacturer, founded in 1924. The material is a blend of plant-derived and recycled resin mainly sourced from sugar cane. Compared to conventional petroleum-derived materials, CO2 emissions can be reduced by approximately 32 grams. The side ventilation eyelets are crafted from of Japanese metal.


This garment was meticulously fabricated in Akita, Japan.


Head girth: 55 – 60cm (adjustable)
Their 5-panel Cap size guide >>

ATTENTION [Mineral pigment dye] 

This iron powder dyeing is done by hand by dyeing artisans, so there is some unevenness in the colour. Due to the nature of the dye, changes in texture and colour fading due to friction will occur over time. The natural changes in colour and texture are to be enjoyed, similar to indigo-dyed denim garments. Wear and store in dry conditions, as prolonged exposure to moisture and high temperatures may cause discolouration, colour migration and odours. If sand or dirt adheres to the product, remove it with a dry cloth or soft brush. For water-soluble stains, hand wash the soiled area in room temperature water and be sure to dry it in its original shape before use. Never use alkaline agents, bleach, fabric softeners or brighteners.

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