T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White
T-SHIRTS -  Cotton White

T-SHIRTS - Cotton White

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  • Product with ethical values.
Crafted only from naturally derived materials, ESC's t-shirts are designed with street and sports t-shirt elements, resulting in an oversized silhouette. Contrastingly, it is made from high-quality cotton typewriter fabric, a high-density plain weave fabric typically used for classic shirts, rather than conventional jersey fabric. This choice imbues with a luxurious comfort and refined silhouette*. In addition, its 100% organic cotton yarns remain unbleached, highlighting the inherent rich texture and the gentle, natural cotton-white colour. The production is meticulously carried out in a top-tier sewing factory in Japan.

Available in 1 material / 1 colour 

*Blind slit opening at the collar for smooth wearing (snap button).


ESC's custom-order typewriter fabric, featuring a plain weave, is manufactured by a prestigious textile maker established in 1928, situated in the renowned Enshu textiles district of Shizuoka Prefecture. The high-density, smooth textile, made from 100% organic cotton yarn, is meticulously woven on an old-style shuttle loom, requiring advanced craftsmanship. It gives a delicate yet resilient silhouette, possessing durable and moisture-absorbent properties. The cotton yarn is unbleached to preserve its natural pleasant texture and colour.


This garment was meticulously fabricated in Akita, Japan.
No raw materials of animal or petroleum origin are used in the main materials of this product (except Blind slit opening parts).


The model is 170cm / 5' 57" and wearing Size 2 (Unisex M) Oversize styling

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