Aotani Seisakujyo - Long-established foundry in Tokyo Japan


The 'Kazari' craftsmen who create high-end metal and precious ornaments used in traditional Japanese jewellery, architecture, shrines, temples, armoury, and more, nurtured the sheer quality and artistry of Japanese traditional crafts at their peak in the Edo period (16th century).

Their expertise and mastery have been carefully passed down through generations in the eastern downtown region of Tokyo.

The emblem symbolising the diverse craftsmanship behind ESC's products, is crafted by Aotani Seisakujyo, a metal insignia production company established in 1952 has inherited and upheld the superior casting craftsmanship.

The key to achieving this quality which cannot be attained through mass production is the use of an antique press machine, which can only be managed by skilled artisans.

Based on unparalleled experience and wisdom, the press is carried out with exquisite finesse, using all five senses to discern every nuance, including the feel to the sound of the metal during pressing, as well as the room’s humidity and temperature.

Every brass badge is meticulously crafted by the hands of skilled artisans throughout the entire process, from mold creation and pressing to die-cutting, honing, finishing and anodising the brass badges.

This craftsmanship results in a warm, top-quality emblem that cannot be replicated solely though digital technology or AI computers.