Furuhashi Weaving - Enshu cotton textile maker in Shizuoka-prefecture, Japan

古橋織布 遠州織物メーカー (静岡県)

With a mild climate and abundant water sources, cotton cultivation has flourished in the Enshu district as a farmer's side line business in Shizuoka prefecture since the Edo period (16th century).

Eventually establishing recognition as 'Enshu cotton’ from the Meiji era (18th century) onwards, the concentration of the ten major spinneries in the region along with leaps in weaving technology, such as the innovative loom by Toyota, led to the emergence of excellent weaving makers.


The region developed into one of Japan's leading cotton textile production centres. Today, independent textile artisans have distinguished themselves in originality, inheriting the advanced craftsmanship of their predecessors.

Preserving and advancing the traditional craftsmanship of Enshu textiles through the ideas of a new generation by offering a wide array of textiles that respond to the times. Their innovative yet quality textiles are highly regarded and trusted by the global fashion industry.

ESC's typewriter textiles are custom-made (high-density plain weave, 100% organic cotton, unbleached) by Furuhashi Weaving, a long-established textile maker founded in 1928, that continues to create new values in Enshu textiles through the wisdom of the next generation.



Using exceptionally rare and valuable antique shuttle looms, which require a wealth of experience in artisanal techniques, craftsmen weave meticulously with as little strain as possible on the threads.

This process yields the finest texture, showcasing the inherent richness of the natural cotton.

The weaving process is also made possible by expanding the aperture device, allowing the fibres to be woven as densely as possible, providing top-quality textiles with a gentle cotton fluff and pleasant texture.