Komada Shikufu- Takashima canvas maker in Shiga-prefecture, Japan

駒田織布 高島帆布メーカー (滋賀県)


Takashima-city in Shiga prefecture is renowned for its bountiful natural beauty, with picturesque mountains, pristine waters of the Ado-river, and Biwa-lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. In this region, heavy snowfalls create a beautiful silver-white hue in winter, and cotton weaving has thrived as a supplementary income for farmers during the off-season since the end of the Edo period (16th century).

The wet climate throughout the year makes the fibres of the cotton yarn supple and strong through the process of twisting the yarn to weaving the textile, enabling denser and more precise weaving techniques.

In the Edo period, the sturdy cotton canvas was used for the sails of local ships traveling on Biwa-lake, and demand soon grew for the fabrics wide range of applications, including military items, clothing, and household goods. During this era, the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern industry in neighbouring Kyoto and Osaka nurtured the development of outstanding craftsmanship, leading to production of the highest-quality textiles.

The quality canvas became known as 'Takashima Canvas’, and in later years, a wide variety of textiles, including industrial materials, have been developed.

Takashima-city became one of the most renowned textile districts in Japan. Komada Shokufu is a textile maker who has inherited the excellent qualities of traditional Takashima Canvas, beginning as a yarn-twisting workshop in the 1930s.

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